C++ & OpenGL

Cloth Simulation

For my final MSc project at the NCCA, I worked in a group with Elaine Kieran and Luke Openshaw. We designed and implemented a C++ and OpenGL cloth simulation application that utilises the Alias FBX SDK, to allow motion capture data to drive a skirt object.

A framework was implemented for the results to be exported to RenderMan RIB files for rendering. The movie clip below highlights the motion capture data driving the skirt.

Still of skirt simulation

Skirt Simulation:
Download Clip
Filename: skirtWeb.mov
File size: 2.9 MB

The application also has a variety of cloth simulation tests for interaction with static objects. It consists of a square sheet of cloth and a collision object. The movie clip below highlights the sheet colliding with a static scene object.

Still of skirt simulation

Sheet Simulation:
Download Clip
Filename: sheetWeb.mov
File size: 2.6 MB

The following list outlines some of the main components of the application:

Additional information relating to this project can be found in the RenderMan section.