C++ & OpenGL

Motion Capture Data Viewer

For one of the programming modules on the MSc at the NCCA, I created a C++ and OpenGL viewer to display motion capture data. The data was obtained from Access Mocap at Bournemouth University which uses the Ascension ReActor 2 system. This system utilises 544 digital detectors in a frame and 30 infra-red markers on the actor.

The viewer application initially parses two text files, one containing the motion capture data and the other the actor configuration. The configuration file defines the links between the various markers, but is not a skeletal definition. The viewer then displays a stick figure to represent the actor. The application provides animation controls and switches to display the markers and soft body connections.

The large image accessed from the link below, shows a still image taken of the motion capture data viewer application. It is possible to see the stick figure, markers and soft body connections.

Still of motion capture data viewer

Motion Capture Data Viewer:
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