Hellboy 2

Effects TD work on the Golden Army sequence of Hellboy 2.
Effects, lighting and pipeline.

Published: Monday, 03-September-2007 09:00:00 BST

10,000 BC

Effects TD work on the Terror Bird sequence of 10,000 BC.
Lots of environment, lighting, lookdev and pipeline.

Published: , June-2007 09:00:00 BST

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

General TD work on the Grawp sequence of Harry Potter.
Hair & fur, lighting and simulation.

Published: , October-2006 09:00:00 BST

The Reaping

Effects TD work on the locust sequence.
Particle effects, lighting and simulation.

Published: , May-2006 09:00:00 BST

Children of Men

Lighting and matchmove.

Published: , April-2006 09:00:00 BST

United 93

Currently working as a Matchmover on United 93.

Published: Thursday, 19-January-2006 09:00:00 BST

Double Negative

Today, I started working at Double Negative Visual Effects :-).

Published: Monday, 19-December-2005 09:00:00 BST

Masters Degree Show 2005

The Masters Degree Show 2005 details:
Date: Friday 7th October 2005
Time: 10.00 to 18.00
Venue: Nash & Brandon Rooms, ICA, The Mall, London, SW1Y 5HA
Please address any enquiries regarding the show direct to the NCCA,

Published: Monday, 03-October-2005 10:00:00 BST

Website goes live!

Hooray, goes live. Have a good look round and let me know any comments or feedback.

Published: Friday, 30-September-2005 16:30:00 BST