Web Development


The following information highlights some of the web projects I have been involved with.

M&D Leisure

Website for Scotland's theme park.
The website includes object-oriented ActionScript to display dynamic content stored in XML files and external images, subscription forms and a versatile content management system. The customer designed the client-side display.
All elements of the technical design and implementation were completed by myself.

Development Tools

ActionScript, Perl, PHP, MySQL, XML, HTML, JavaScript

The Original Tour

Website for The Original London Sightseeing Tour.
The website includes an object-oriented Perl content management system, search engine and third party integration.
Most elements of the technical design were completed by myself and I was part of the three man team that constructed the website.

Development Tools

Perl, MySQL, XHTML, JavaScript, Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash


Personal website used as a source of information for ski buddies, and a place for me to test new web ideas.
I designed and developed all elements of the website. The website includes strict XHTML, session handling, web forum, Flash and PHP chat client and administration area.

Development Tools

ActionScript, PHP, MySQL, XHTML, JavaScript, Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash